A.P.P.Rendo: growing together, beyond any physical and cultural distance

The aim of this project is to encourage integration and life skills, starting from a simple gesture: gathering to have breakfast with your class. This is the heart of the A.P.P. Rendo project, an acronym for “A Pancia Piena RENDO Meglio”, selected by “Con i Bambini Foundation” within the Fund for the fight against child educational poverty, age group 5/14 years. One of the 83 approved out of the 432 submitted, which sees the Millepiedi Cooperative leader of as many as 25 partners among entities, institutions and associations of the provinces of Rimini and Forlì Cesena operating in the educational and social fields.

Specifically, “Action 2” phase coordinated by the Rimini NGO EducAid is involved in the opportunity of IT twinning that can put students of different nationalities in communication, through a creative and wise use of new technologies.The pupils of the schools (mainly primary in Bellaria, Riccione, Coriano, Ospedaletto, Novafeltria) guided by their teachers have the opportunity to meet by video call with peers from countries of other continents (Africa, Latin America, Far East) with whom they share the dreams and expectations of school career and approach different uses, customs and realities. The operators of the associations Between, La Piazzetta, Una Goccia per il Mondo and Caritas Rimini are accompanying students and teachers on this path.

An in-depth study on new technologies was then carried out by creating a specific questionnaire addressed to students, parents and teachers. The aim of the tool was precisely to investigate how these means of communication are received and used by all the members of the educating community, to detect differences and critical issues or to discover strengths. The results of the questionnaires, which involved more than 100 pupils, 70 parents and 40 teachers, will be returned to schools after being reworked: in this way, useful tools will be created to create a long-term impact.

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