Search ABOUT US ACTIVITIES HOW TO FIND US ACTIVITIES EducAid’s commitment is to help and cooperate in the educational and social field, so that the following aims are attained:

Preventing and reducing, through social and educational intervention, the disadvantages and difficulties of persons with special needs and with social and cultural problems. The effectiveness of this action depends on the possibility to establish a functional, adequate dialogue.

Fostering social and teaching innovation by educational training and by supporting research and experimentation. The purpose of this intervention is to develop the individual skills and the competences of the institutions in charge of education and social assistance in precarious situations of suffering, privation, exploitation and disaster (including those situations caused by wars and catastrophes).

Promoting the idea and the practice of “community education/training” in favour of a system based on widespread cultural awareness and active care and collaboration of different subjects present on the territory. This framework prescribes  that responsibilities in education and social care must not be delegated to single subjects (the specialists), while emphasizing the social-cultural dimension of education as fundamental for the democratic development of the community.

Promoting the respect and recognition of human rights with particular attention to the rights of children, disabled people and disadvantaged minorities, while encouraging the knowledge and the application of international conventions on the matter.

Promoting and experimenting with innovative educational and training activities and methodologies which aim to establish equal opportunities for all, highly valuing individual or group diversity as an enrichment for the community.

Promoting politics aiming for intercultural contacts in favour of cultural and ethnic diversity.