About us

Educaid is a non-profit association and non-governmental organization recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs founded in March 2000
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The central goal of the association is to promote the sharing of projects aiming to foster the recognition
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Our Mission

Prevent and reduce, through educational and social work, the disadvantages and difficulties of those with special needs and with social and cultural difficulties.
Promote, through training work and support for research and experimentation, pedagogical and social innovation, and the development of skills ...
Promote the idea and practice of "community education", which emphasizes the need to build a training system in which all the educational resources of the community converge ...
Promote respect for human rights with particular reference to the rights of boys and girls, the disabled and minorities ...
Promote and experience educational and training activities and methodologies aimed at promoting equality of opportunities and the enhancement of individual and group differences.
Promote policies oriented towards a gender approach and the enhancement of cultural and ethnic diversity.



Rita Barbuto
I would like to thank EducAid for giving me the opportunity to be involved in one of his projects in Palestine, because it helped me to understand how our roots cling to us even in the most difficult moments. Today I firmly believe that the future of humanity, our planet and our world depends on the ability of men and women to support their opinions and to build spaces in which everyone, regardless of their nationality, skin color, religion or state of health, can live in peace. EducAid taught me that each of us is responsible for every woman and man. Rita Barbuto D.P.I. Director Italy D.P.I. Italy Director
Pietro Vittorio Barbieri
For those who fight for human rights and against all forms of segregation and marginalization, it is essential that international cooperation is based on these two principles: directly involving the beneficiaries and supporting their empowerment starting from the positive experiences that the NGO itself is bringing ; and at the same time, investing in the capacity of the territory, which means focusing a significant part of the budget on the people and communities of the territory, to encourage self-determined growth. EducAid firmly believes in these principles and manages to implement them through projects, turning them into a competitive advantage. It is the ideal union between "advocacy" and "doing" - Pietro Vittorio Barbieri FISH Coordinator
Giovanni Sapucci
EducAid implements and implements international cooperation projects that share with the CEIS (Italian-Swiss Training Center) their most important principles: certified and justified scientific tests, active education, cooperation between educators, care and attention to children with major difficulties. improve everyone's experience. Giovanni Sapucci Director of CEIS
Marco Togni
I am proud of my collaboration with EducAid for what they are creating in the social and educational field in many parts of the world - Marco Togni Developer
Andrea & Magda Photographers
We have lived in Palestine for many years and when we think of EducAid we do not think of something abstract, neither a title, nor an organization. EducAid means the faces of many friends we met year after year: Valerio, Luca, Riccardo, Yasser, Francesca, Isa, Simone and many others. For us, EducAid means people working with other people, mainly women, children and the disabled: those who often can not benefit from the rights that should be granted to them. During our last collaboration with EducAid, we were invited to share our vision of disabled women in Palestine through our photos. For two months we had the privilege of visiting the homes of many women with disabilities, to listen to their stories, build friendships and be able to portray them. We wanted to go beyond the stereotypes and the stigma that followed them from birth, to focus primarily on their abilities and desire for emancipation. What we did not expect, however, was to see how much this experience changed our perception of disability and how much we were influenced by some stereotypes. We have the chance to challenge our beliefs. It was an incredibly moving adventure and the courage, strength and energy of the women we met thanks to EducAid left a mark within us; has enriched us and we will treasure the strength and determination that these beautiful women have shared with us. - Andrea & Magda photographers