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socio-economic inclusion of women with disabilities in the Gaza Strip

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Beyond the barriers of disability

EducAid was born in Rimini in March 2000, now it brings together associations, social enterprises and professionals engaged in social work ethically - education in intercultural and international level.
It works in partnership with the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Bologna, with the UN Agencies (UNICEF, WHO, UNDP), the local authorities of the territory of Emilia - Romagna (Emilia Romagna Region, the towns of Rimini, Riccione , Ravenna, Santarcangelo di Romagna) and civil society associations.


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In 2012 EducAid, AIFO (Italian Association Amici di Raoul Follereau), FISH (Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicaps), DPI (Disable People International Italy) formed the RIDS - Italian Network on Disability and Development to promote the heritage of experiences and good practices in projects that promote the empowerment of persons with disabilities and respect for the principles enshrined in the CRPD (Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities) even in the most difficult contexts of the countries of the southern hemisphere.

In September 2015 EducAid in partnership with AIFO (Italian Association Amici di Raoul Follereau) and the municipalities of Rimini, Ravenna and Riccione, the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna - Forli - Cesena and Rimini and the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna and in collaboration with RIDS , initiated the project "ALL WORK: socio-economic inclusion of women with disabilities in the Gaza Strip", funded by the Regional Call expected 12 of the Law of 24/06/2002, to promote the socio-economic inclusion of women with Disabilities (DCD) in the Gaza Strip and to support their active role in society. In the Palestinian Territories persons with disabilities, and in particular the DCD,

In the Palestinian Territories persons with disabilities, and in particular the DCD live a highly stigmatized condition, both within the family as within the Community. Architectural barriers exacerbated by the situation of siege and cultural barriers not only limit their access to the labor market and the possibility of economic support, but also adversely affect the possibilities of active participation and social inclusion.

The project work All spoke on the socio-economic dimension promoting the passing of an aid-based approach to disability in favor of an inclusive model that has a genuine empowerment, while also working in the direction of a reduction of social stigma. Specifically, the project supports:

  • The realization of two conferences on the right to work of DCD for over 170 people from CBOs, DPOs and Palestinian businesses in the Gaza Strip.
  •  The constitution of 2 help desk and individual job counseling service for support and employment of 120 DCD
  • 5 training courses for 100 unemployed DCD on basic skills and needed to enter the labor market
  •   4 training courses for 40 DCD of communication and voice techniques, training is for inclusion of employment in the private sector.
  • 4 vocational training courses for unemployed 40 DCD of Management and Communications for Nonprofit, education for inclusion is employment in the Third Sector.
  • Working Bags Assignment for 24 DCD in private business and non-profit organizations.
     consultancy activities in favor of 14 start-up businesses run by DCD.
  • awareness and exchange of good practices in Italy and Palestine involving multi-level stakeholder activities: the private sector and innovative start-ups, the nonprofit sector, chambers of commerce and local authorities.