Educaid in Palestine - West Bank / Gaza

A high level of violence and aggressiveness characterizes the Palestinian society of the West Bank. This is noticeable mainly between children and teenagers. The environment they live and grow up in is characterized by the Israeli occupation. The long-lasting conflict and the repeated failures of peace negotiations reduce hopes in a better future. Moreover the Israeli demolition policy, ongoing in East Jerusalem and in the 'Area C' of the West Bank, is seriously jeopardizing the psychophysical wellness of young people and children who live in those areas. As a consequence, there exists a worrying lack of places and spaces to play in, in order to spend time in a safe way, and live and participate to the social life of the community.
The Gaza Strip is a small patch of land, situated along the Mediterranean sea, between Israel and Egypt. More than 1.5 million Palestinians live on this 'tiny plot' of land, which is 360 square Km big. It detains one of the highest population densities in the world (over 4000 inhabitants per one square km). The majority of the population is composed by refugees. A half of them live in the eight refugee camps run by the UN. The Gaza Strip is part, together with the West Bank, of the so-called 'occupied Palestinian territories'. It has been and is still the battlefield of the conflict that inflames the Middle East since the end of World War II and the establishment of the Israeli State.

Our projects in Palestine - West Bank / Gaza

  1. INCLUDING JERUSALEM – Promoting inclusion as a unifying process for primary school children in fragmented communities of East Jerusalem – 2022

  2. RE-ACT: ACTing for Resilience and Empowerment- 2022

  3. RICOMINCIO DA ME – Imprese di donne con disabilità in Palestina – 2019

  4. WE: Woman Empowered. Pathways for the autonomy of Women with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip

  5. EMI: Empower, Mainstream, Includes: Promotion of the rights of people with disabilities in Palestine

  6. Sumud in free land – Support to economic development in Southern West Bank: promoting a sovereign and sustainable agriculture in harmony with the history of the surrounding area , to encourage an inclusive and conscious form of tourism.

  7. I-CAN: Independence, Capability, Authonomy, Inclusion. Center for Independent living for PWDs in Gaza Strip – 2018

  8. READY: Resilience, Empowerment and Advocacy for a Deeper Inclusion in Shu’fat Refugee Camp – 2018

  9. CO.RE: Community resilience. Strengthening resilience of Palestinian communities in WestBank (C Area H2, refugee camps of UNRWA) with high risk of displacement – 2017

  10. Let’s start-up: when economy becomes social. Inclusive business and self-employment for WWDs and mothers of PWDs in the Palestinian Territories – 2016

  11. RES-RES: RESilient RESponses. Strengthening resilience capabilities by improving the access of basic services in most vulnerable areas of Southern Gaza Strip – 2016

  12. Peer to peer: empowerment and resilience paths form women and people with disabilities in the Gaza strip – 2016

  13. RES.P.I.R.E -Resilience and Protection In a Refugee Environment – 2016

  14. Improving protection tools for refugees and displaced persons in the C area – 2016

  15. WE WORK: Economic and social inclusion of women with disabilities in Gaza Strip – 2016

  16. We All Work: Socio-Economic Inclusion of Women in the Gaza Strip – 2015