Educaid in Romania

Romanian schools in particular and Romanian civil society in general are faced with two challenges when it comes to the growing challenges of the globalized world. On the one hand, as is the same other EU citizens, they observe the same trends marked as “globalization” (a more culturally diverse society, increasing migration, increased speed in climate change). On the other hand they still experience some of the developmental problems, such as poverty, strong gender discrimination, corruption, even illiteracy and poor access to basic health services for certain segments of the population. Hence the tendency to seek comfort in individualistic behaviour is even higher than in other older member states. Yet, with entering into the EU, through a government’s policy which gives priority to the education for development and to raise public awareness, the Romanian civil society is increasingly becoming aware of the need to promote Peace and Security, Human Rights, Fair Trade etc. The road is still long but the motivation is present.

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