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  1. Including Jerusalem – Promoting inclusion as a unifying process for primary school children in fragmented communities of East Jerusalem – 2022

  2. RE-ACT: ACTing for Resilience and Empowerment- 2022

  3. #rightotheheart – theather, dance and peace words

  4. WE: Woman Empowered. Pathways for the autonomy of Women with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip

  5. The World is Home – Education to Global Citizenship – 2018

  6. A.P.P.Rendo Meglio: A Full Belly makes me better. A simple but innovative preparatory action for further inclusion and skills development interventions for the new primary and secondary school classes

  7. EMI: Empower, Mainstream, Includes: Promotion of the rights of people with disabilities in Palestine

  8. Playing a leading role: Promotion of the common good through education for Peace, Human Rights and Sustainable Development – 2008

  9. Responsibility in your suitcase – 2009

  10. Supporting social integration for people with disabilities – 2008

  11. Support to the deinstitutionalization and social inclusion for South-east Serbian minors with disabilities.

  12. Education and Employability for Dakar’s girls – 2014

  13. Protection and reintegration of minors with physical and pshycological disabilities and social entrepreneurial promotion – 2005

  14. Supporting social services’ reformation in Armenia -2017

  15. Enhancing the full-time inclusive school – 2020

  16. Sumud in free land – Support to economic development in Southern West Bank: promoting a sovereign and sustainable agriculture in harmony with the history of the surrounding area , to encourage an inclusive and conscious form of tourism.

  17. Inclusive Schools And Communities For Another Citizenship – 2018

  18. I-CAN: Independence, Capability, Authonomy, Inclusion. Center for Independent living for PWDs in Gaza Strip – 2018

  19. READY: Resilience, Empowerment and Advocacy for a Deeper Inclusion in Shu’fat Refugee Camp – 2018

  20. CO.RE: Community resilience. Strengthening resilience of Palestinian communities in WestBank (C Area H2, refugee camps of UNRWA) with high risk of displacement – 2017

  21. Cooperating to include

  22. Let’s start-up: when economy becomes social. Inclusive business and self-employment for WWDs and mothers of PWDs in the Palestinian Territories – 2016

  23. RES-RES: RESilient RESponses. Strengthening resilience capabilities by improving the access of basic services in most vulnerable areas of Southern Gaza Strip – 2016

  24. Peer to peer: empowerment and resilience paths form women and people with disabilities in the Gaza strip – 2016

  25. RES.P.I.R.E -Resilience and Protection In a Refugee Environment – 2016

  26. Improving protection tools for refugees and displaced persons in the C area – 2016

  27. WE WORK: Economic and social inclusion of women with disabilities in Gaza Strip – 2016

  28. We All Work: Socio-Economic Inclusion of Women in the Gaza Strip – 2015

  29. Peer-Resilience: psycho-social support and the activation of paths of resilience for disabled persons and children who have suffered trauma after the operation “Protective Edge” – 2015

  30. Strengthening the full-time inclusive school in Salvador – 2012

  31. Support for the promotion and development of the inclusive school in Salvador – 2009

  32. Playing a leading role: promoting the common good through peace, human rights and sustainable development – 2008