Country: Italy

Donor: Municipality of Rimini

Period: June 2018 – May 2019 (11 Months)

Thematic area: Global Citizenship Education

Local partners: AIFO, Citizenship Onlus, A Drop for the World, house of Peace, voluntary association “Madonna della Carità”, consortium to share Pope John XXIII, ANOLF, CIM, No Border Association, Margherita Zoebeli Foundation.

Objectives: Increased awareness and information regarding human rights and European citizenship among all pupils of the schools involved in the workshops and among young people involved in extra-school contexts; increasing the active participation of young students in terms of rights, strengthening the civic participation of pupils, increasing the participation of young people in rights awareness events.

Direct beneficiaries: teachers and pupils of the classes and schools involved in the project.

Indirect beneficiaries: around 500 young people, the local community as a whole

Project summary: At the basis of global citizenship education, there is an intertwining of themes to be proposed and skills to be developed. With respect to the issues, the participating NGOs converge around the following themes: globalization, media, multiculturalism, the environment, violence, gender, governance, bioethics and SDGS (The sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda). With respect to skills, however, we refer mainly to empathy, critical thinking / problem solving, ability to communicate and collaborate with others, resolve conflicts, secure identity, sharing of universal values, human rights, peace justice, respect for diversity / intercultural understanding, environmental, economic and social interconnection with respect to the recognition of global issues. Therefore, the point of view of this approach emphasizes the need to understand how local phenomena that arouse social fears, concerns and alarms, must be contextualized in a planetary horizon and consequently, in order to play an active role, it is necessary to acquire a range of skills. At the local level, in fact, the manifestation of such wide dynamics remains rather misunderstood, generating fear of change towards the most visible aspects, such as the presence of migrants, while the most significant and difficult to identify directly forms, such as the progressive increase in social inequality , are overlooked. Therefore, it is necessary to act on the one hand towards the growth of awareness of the local population through public initiatives, and on the other to communicate with the school world, within which a new multi-ethnic generation is developing its path of growth where a boy / child out of five it does not have Italian citizenship (MIUR data relating to the city of Rimini). All this is part of a context in which the national system is struggling to adapt to old difficulties, such as special educational needs, and new ones, such as the linguistic difficulties of new arrivals.

The project, therefore, acts with three types of interventions: public events, some of these organized by EducAid, training courses for teachers, and awareness workshops in the classrooms. In particular, educAid, in addition to managing the coordination of the entire project, organized three public events aimed at raising awareness of the local community regarding the issues of disability and international cooperation: a photographic exhibition entitled “I am a Woman”, aimed at raising awareness the local community on gender equality for women with disabilities within the Palestinian context; a show by comedian Roberto Mercadini dedicated to people with disabilities; a conference on the approach of equal support between people with disabilities, through which people with disabilities play a leading role towards other people with disabilities, in a process of awareness of their condition, firstly, and subsequently of self-determination.