Country: Italy

Donor: Municipality of Rimini

Period: June 2018 – May 2019 (11 Months)

Thematic area: Education to Global Citizenship
Local partners: AIFO, cittadinanza Onlus, Una Goccia per il Mondo, Casa della Pace, Volunteering Association Madonna della Carità, Sharing Consortium Papa Giovanni XXIII, ANOLF, CIM, No Border Association, the Margherita Zoebeli Foundation.

Overall objectives: to improve awareness and informations concerning human rights and global citizenship among all students involed into laboratories and young people not attending school; improving active participation of young students on the respect of human rights; strengthening civic participation of students; improving participation of young people to awareness events on human rights.

Direct Beneficiaries: teachers and students of schools directly involved on the project

Indirect Beneficiaries: about 500 young people, the entire local community.

Summary of the project:

In order to implement Education to global Citizenship, it is important to implement and develop some thematic areas and specific competences at the same time. The thematic areas taken into consideration by the NGOs involved in the project, have considered the following aspects: globalization, media, the multiculturalism, the environment, the violence, gender issues, the governance, bioethics and the SDGs of the 2030 developing agenda. On the other hand, the competences taken into consideration have been empathy, critical thinking/problem solving, cohoperation and communication capabilities, conflict resolution, secure identity, sharing universal values such as human rights, peace and justice, respect of diversities/intercultural understanding, environmental economic and social interconnections, considering global thematic issues. Consequently, this approach emphasizes the necessity to understand how local issues inspiring fear, concern and social alarm, should be contextualized into a global level and consequently, in order to play an active role, it is necessary to get some specific competences. In fact, these dynamics are unappreciated at local level, inspiring fear of change to more visible aspects, such as the presence of migrants, while the most significant ones, such as the gradually increasing of social inequities, are not considered. For this reason, it is necessary to act, on one hand, for raising awareness of local community by implementing public initiatives, and on the other hand, by consulting the education world, where a new multi-ethnic generation of students composed by a fifth of non Italian students in the municipality of Rimini, as detected by the Italian ministry of education, is completing its growth path. This project is part of a context where the national system has some difficulties on adapting itself to oldest challenges, such as special educational needs, and new challenges, such as language difficulties for non Italian students.
For this reason, the project is structured into three interventions: organization of public events, some of them directly organized by EducAid, training courses for teachers and awareness laboratories for the classes involved in the project. EducAid in particular, has cohordinated the entire project and organized even three public events, in order to aware the local community on disability and international cooperation issues: a photo exhibition called “I am a Woman”, which was intended to aware the local community on gender equality for women with disabilities in the Palestinian territories; a show of the comedian Roberto Mercadini on disability; a conference on the peer two peer approach for persons with disabilities, by which a person with disability, called counselor, supports an other person with disability, called consultant, during his/her inner path to awareness of his/her condition first and then to self-empowerment.