Country: El Salvador, C.A.

Donor: Italian Cooperation

Period: 2012-2015

Thematic Area: full-time inclusive school

Partner: Salvadoran Ministry of Education (MINED).

Objective: to design, test and validate full-time inclusive school proposals, suitable for the Salvadoran reality, involving the extracurricular world, improving the quality of human resources training, institutional organization and adapting the infrastructure of the educational system.

Beneficiaries: directors, deputy directors, pedagogical assessors, pupils, parents, figures in charge of training teachers, technicians from the Ministry of Education

Project summary: the project responds to the policies of the Social Education Plan 2009 – 2014 “Vamos a la escuela” and Inclusive Education, aimed at improving regulations, pedagogical practices, school infrastructures to guarantee the right to education and combat exclusion from the school system of the most vulnerable groups.

The Salvadoran Ministry of Education with the support of the Italian Cooperation has implemented projects in previous years to improve the quantity and quality of basic educational opportunities, with particular attention to diversity.

In a first phase, the Italian Cooperation financed the transformation of a public school into an inclusive educational center, with the removal of architectural and cultural barriers, intervening both on the infrastructure and on the pedagogical component. In Salvador, this center represents a reference experience for the development of the inclusive education system. The success of this project is due to the active involvement of the school’s human resources, local educational institutions and alliances built in the area, through the involvement of different actors in favor of the social inclusion of students. This first phase, carried out with the project, “Realization of an inclusive educational center of an experimental type in Sonsonate”, was followed by a second phase, focused on training the key figures of the educational system with the project “Development and promotion of inclusive school in Salvador ”, financed by the Italian Cooperation and by the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Bologna. Thanks to the important results obtained in both phases and to the need to consolidate the path towards an inclusive school system, a third phase has been designed, “Strengthening the full-time inclusive school in Salvador”, to spread the pedagogical experiments in the 14 departments of the Country and to build a “flexible model” of inclusive full-time school that takes into account the context and the main educational and social problems that the educational system intends to address.

This initiative mainly aims at:

1. improve the quality of the school educational offer, through research-action and the training of human resources, by developing new teaching skills functional to the realization of the inclusive school;

2. to promote the active participation of families and local communities in educational processes. The results of the project will serve to feed the policies of the 2009-2014 Social Plan “Vamos a la escuela” and Inclusive Education.