The project “Responsibility in your suitcase” aims to sustain an ethical and cultural kind of tourism towards the discovery of Arabic culture. The voluntaries will have the opportunity to work closely with people coming from quite a different background and develop a deeper sense of tolerance.  A course of basic Arabic will be offered at the beginning of the project, allowing them to interact with Palestinians involved in the activities. Besides, the voluntaries are expected to work side by side with other international peers as for the arranging of human rights campaign and initiatives finalized to fight economic and social exclusion, such as Olive Picking and Tree Planting Campaigns. It is rather an opportunity for intercultural exchange, that the voluntaries, through the activities of the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG), can experience daily. Through these meetings everybody will measure up on an international level to mature and enhance their ethical values. Finally, two of the volunteers will have the opportunity to promote the knowledge they have achieved and spread it by the making of a report. The making of the video photographic aims to tell the personal experience the voluntaries will live during their staying in Betlemme as well as documenting hosting association’s activities.  Thanks to visual anthropology’s aid, the relationship between tourist and local population will be studied, too.


The above project is financed by the European Commission.  The author is solely responsible for this publication and the European Commission declines any liability regarding the use of any information contained therein.