Country: Palestine, Eastern Jerusalem, Refugee camp of Shu’fat

Donor: IACD (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development)

Period: 1st August 2016 – 28th February 2017

Thematic area: Protection of refugees and displaced persons

Local partners: Popular Committee Services for Shu’fat Camp (PCSH);Palestinian child center (CC); al Rowadd

Italian partners: Overseas

Overall objective: Strengthen Palestinian refugees living Eastern Jerusalem responding capacity on crisis

Specific objective: support protection tools and resilience capacities of Palestinians, especially children, teenagers and their families living in the refugee camp of Shu’fat

Beneficiaries: Refugees of the Camp, disabled persons, people with high resettlement risk

Summary of the project:

The current Palestinian crisis caused by the continuous occupation of its territories by the Israeli soldiers, generates high vulnerable levels on local population, who is systematically deprived of the most important human rights, such as right to life, personal freedom and safety. Most people do not have minimum protection standards and depend to humanitarian interventions for having the possibility to access services, energetic resources, water system etc.; moreover, they even have limited survival ways, constantly threatened by abuses of Israel, and low mitigation, prevention and responding capacities. In this context, the recent violence committed by Israeli soldiers has hit mainly Eastern Jerusalem marginalized districts, which are more exposed to segregation politics of occupation Authorities. Even teenagers and children are involved by this system of violence: as reports the Palestinian Center of Human rights, from 2015 163 of them have been arrested, 5 have been killed and 200 have been injured. Moreover, as reported by UNESCO, from 2800 to 25000 children do not have access to the educational system.

Against this background, the objectives of the current project are the following:

  • strengthening prevention and responding capabilities on crisis situations of the vulnerable population living in the refugees camp of Shu’fat, by providing essential washing services and psychological and social support for children, teenagers and families of refugees;
  • reconstruction and maintenance of at least 300 meters of sewer system;
  • installation of at least 300 meters of drenage rain water system;
  • at least 200 liters of rain water will be used for hydric needs of the school;
  • at least 20 teachers, 15 women and 5 men, will participate on training activities on psychological-social support and responding to traumas;
  • at least 200 teenagers and children, 60% of them will be females, will participate on psychological-social support activities;
  • at least 300 teenagers and children, 60% females, will get further educational material and new learning methodologies;
  • at least 70 males will benefit from after school activities and alternative learning program, for trying to reduce school drop-out and aggressive behaviors, which are frequent in male population of the camp;
  • Strengthening protection tools for Shu’fat population, by an advocacy strategy for the defense of human rights of Eastern Jerusalem people living at the other side of the separation Edge;
  • Access on educational and health services for vulnerable groups will be improved into the three schools of the camp, thanks to Universal design principles.