Country: Bosnia–Herzegovina

Donor: Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry – D.G.C.S, Emilia- Romagna, Marche

Period: May ’05 – May ‘08

Subject area: socio-educational inclusion

Partnerships: Fuori Margine Consortium

Objective: the project aims to point out the importance of “play”, as a key component for children’s expression and social behavior. Through its expansion in various areas of the country, it aspires to be implemented merely in extra-curricular activities.

Recipients: children, teens, associations, local institutions present in Zenica, Konjc, Sarajaevo and Banja Luka.

Project’s summary: in cooperation with associations and local institutions, “Ludo (=play)” activities will take place in various cities of Bosnia- Herzegovina’s.  In Banja Luka a playroom will be built inside the local orphanage, aiming to support the deinstitutionalization process which is currently occurring. An attention will be paid to pre-scholar kids and to those who do not regularly participate in any extracurricular activities.