Country: El Salvador, C.A.

Donor:  Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation (AICS)

Period: 2020

Subject area: full-time inclusive education / School

Partnerships: El Salvador’s Minister of Education (MINED)

Objective: to project, experiment and validate proposals of full-time inclusive education suitable for the Salvadorian realities. We are aiming to do so by adjusting the current school infrastructure to a more participative system as well as improving HR quality.

Recipients: directors, vicedirectors, pedagogical advisors, students, parents, teacher trainers, MINED counsellors.

Project’s summary: Similarly to its predecessor “Vamos a la Escuela 2009-2014”, this project’s mission is to grant everybody the right to education through a full-time inclusive school model. Financed by the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation, it aims to update the formal teaching system by introducing the notion of “participative learning”, where students are joined by various actors of the Salvadorian community during the educational process. As previous collaborations have shown, the actors’ inclusivity has dramatically influenced youth consciousness as far as their role as active citizen is concerned. This usually results in a better understanding of their rights and duties at a local and national level. Needless to say, more homogenous life conditions are experienced when everybody shares the same level of education, which can hopefully get rid of the enormous inequalities that El Salvador faces at the moment.

Specifically, the following five goals are identified:

  • To elaborate a processof technical formation in +60 educational centers, named by the Salvadorian Minister of Education, Science and and Technology;
  • To improve boarding groups’, teachers’ and pedagogical advisors’ skills;
  • To define strategies boosting the actual carrying out of such activities;
  • To reinforce the implementation of the National Observatory in the three main areas of El Salvador, so as to create a virtual library containing all the pedagogical experiences;
  • To share the model implementation’s results through the institution of an international Congress, which should help with the comparison and adoption of such results by fellow countries.