Country: El Salvador

Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs-DGCS, University of Bologna – Faculty of Education Sciences

Period: October 2009 – October 2011

Thematic area: socio-educational inclusion of children with special needs

Local partner: MINED (Salvadoran Ministry of Education)

General objectives: to activate an inclusive education project within the school and training system in El Salvador; contribute to the professional qualification of teachers on the topic of general education and inclusive education in particular; contribute to a greater awareness of the institutions that relate to the Salvadoran education system and also of the country’s public opinion on the issues of school education with the aim of promoting social inclusion by enhancing the social role of the school; favor access to basic educational services for disabled and socially excluded children and work for the quality of the overall educational project aimed at children in all life stages

Specific objective: to contribute to a significant and lasting increase in the educational offer, in quantitative and qualitative terms, in favor of the population of disabled children and with disadvantages and social vulnerabilities in El Salvador

Final beneficiaries: 105 officials from MINED (Salvadoran Ministry of Education), 22 school directors, 11 pedagogical assessors 72 teachers, 3,500 students, 17,500 family members of the “Escuela Inclusiva Republica de Haiti”, of the 4 “Escuelas de la Red Escolar Efectiva with teacher itinerant ”, 3“ Centros de Orientacion y Recursos ”, 3“ Centros Escolares Integradores ”, 5“ Centro de Desarrollo Profesional Teacher ”, the managers and teachers of the 8 universities of the country involved in the reflection for a total of 21,210 people. The indirect beneficiaries will be Salvadoran students and teachers who will apply an inclusive school model capable of responding to everyone’s special needs and promoting social inclusion and contributing to the fight against marginalization and violence for a total of 1,800,000 people. .

The project at a glance: following the positive results achieved in the pilot experience of the Italian Cooperation in El Salvador “Realización de un complejo educativo inclusive de experimental type” (to which many experts from the University of Bologna contributed), the Faculty of Science of Training with the support of MINED (Salvadoran Ministry of Education), intends to promote an inclusive school model to encourage the fight against social exclusion and to promote the enhancement of local diversity and good practices through the empowerment of educational institutions.

From the perspective of inclusive education, the school represents the place where all types of diversity are included to encourage participation in the economic, social, cultural and political life of the community by boys and girls at serious risk of social exclusion, determined by situations of poverty and socio-cultural and physical discrimination. Through inclusive education it is possible to overcome the handicap produced by psycho-physical deficit and by conditions of serious social disadvantage to allow access to education for all girls and boys. The project includes training activities for government officials and teachers to develop an inclusive school model in El Salvador. During the initiative, workshops, training sections and technical seminars will be organized in collaboration with the local Ministry of Education. The creation of an IT platform for distance learning and the creation of a national observatory on the detection of local inclusive good practices is also envisaged, whose activity is part of the strategic plan of national educational policies.