Country: Armenia

Donor:  UNICEF

Period: 2020 

Subject area: support and promotion of deinstitutionalization process

Partnerships: UNICEF

Objective: technical support to the pilot project of social services’ reformation in Armenia

Project’s summary:  our cooperation with UNICEF for Armenia’s social services implementation resulted in a proposal for a national model of integrated social services. This model is based upon three important functions that are strictly required for its efficiency: “ Case Management “ ( deployed by someone who is responsible for individual cases ), “ Project Management” ( aiming to plan and carry out projects  and social services for the community) and “Resource Management” ( in charge of identifying and design appropriate human, financial and material resources for the given services).  In particular, “Case Management” refers to the methodology enabling the “territorial services” to the response of multi-problematic families’ social needs, through the individual assessment of each case.

In response to UNICEF’s appeal, EducAid  supplied technical support for the experimentation of social integrated services (ISS) through a double action: at a sub-regional level,  through the  territorial offices of social services ( TOSS), and at a regional level, through the representatives of Marzpetaran, Woman Family and Children Unity ( FWCUs) and Health and Social Services Departments ( HSSDs).