Educaid, AIFO, DPI-Italia and FISH founded R.I.D.S. (Rete Italiana Disabilità e Sviluppo – Italian Network for Disability and Development). The central goal of the association is to promote the sharing of projects aiming to foster the recognition of the rights of people with disabilities. The promotion of those rights, in accordance with the CRPD (UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities), constitutes one of the most fundamental international guidelines for all the programs addressing the developing countries.

EducAid is part of COONGER, a NGO-coordinating system of Emilia Romagna. This structure aims to stimulate the exchange and sharing of experiences and expertise among the NGOs of the region. Moreover, EducAid is a member of the Associazione ONG italiane, a national organization supporting the practice of international cooperation and the respect of human rights.

EducAid is an affiliate of  I.D.D.C. (International Disability and Development Consortium), a consortium fostering inclusive development. Inclusive development encompasses human rights respect, diversity recognition, fight against poverty and the inclusion of every individual in the processes of development regardless of age, gender, disability, health conditions, ethnic origin or any other characteristic.