C.E.I.S. (Centro Educativo Italo Svizzero)
C.E.I.S. (Centro Educativo Italo Svizzero) was founded in Rimini by Swiss Workers Relief in 1946. Its first director was Margherita Zoebeli who, together with other colleagues, established the social center in Rimini in order to supply the needs of the population in the aftermath of World War II, particularly those of children and families of persons with disabilities. CEIS has become famous for its politics of educational innovation thanks to the social and educational involvement of children with mental and physical disabilities.
Social Cooperative “Il Millepiedi”
Social Cooperative “Il Millepiedi“ has provided social, educational and recreational services since 1988. In recent years, it has completed many projects and managed numerous activities in cooperation with public institutions and local administrations. “Il Millepiedi” is a cooperative of individuals who share the vision of taking care of the world we live in, with particular attention to situations of marginalization and vulnerability. “Il Millepiedi” addresses various issues operating on a wide range of fields and levels: from early childhood to youth, from the international cooperation to training activities and from minors to people with disabilities through socio-educational, social care and social rehabilitation services. The common core of all the activities of the organization consists of the awareness that ideas necessitate a solid foundation in order to be effective in practice.