EducAid is a nonprofit association and non-governmental organization

founded in March 2000: its status has been recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It currently interacts with associations, social enterprises and enthusiastic individuals ethically involved in the educational and social work on the international level.

EducAid operates in various countries, establishing relationships of help in the educational sector

EducAid operates in various countries, establishing relationships of help in the educational sector. It seeks to improve and strengthen the response capacities of different educational systems according to the needs of all the children, with particular attention to the weakest. The activities promoted by the organization are carried out within the framework of decentralized cooperation, understanding the peculiarities of each territory and culture. The main purpose is making the most of what the attachment to a particular land signifies during the establishment of an equal relationship with other cultures and their experiences of suffering and difficulty. EducAid works in close cooperation with the Department of Education of Bologna University; it cooperates also with pedagogues, teachers, educators, psychologists and volunteers of Rimini province.

EducAid works in the field of social and educational cooperation to:

Prevent and reduce, through educational and social work, the disadvantages and obstacles of individuals with special needs or living in social and cultural difficulties.

Promote, thanks to formative work and support to research and experimentation, pedagogical and social innovation, and the capacity building of the individuals and institutions in charge of education, as well as those who take care of people living in sufferance, discomfort, exploitation, disadvantage and difficulties, including situations created by war or natural disaster.

Promote in theory and in action the concept of “community education”, which highlights the idea of building an educational system where all the resources present in the community converge, in order to create collaborations that avoid entrusting education only to the individual specialists, but that link together education and coexistence, participation, democratic development.

Foster respect for Human Rights, in particular the rights of children, disabled persons, minority groups, improving the knowledge and application of the international conventions on the topic.

To encourage policies oriented to gender equality and to the valorisation of cultural and ethnic differences.

To promote capacity building, as well as pedagogical and social innovation, thanks to formative work and support to experimentation


Meet our team

Ivo Giuseppe Pazzagli
Ivo Giuseppe Pazzagli
Riccardo Sirri
Riccardo Sirri
Francesca Manzoni
Francesca Manzoni
Program Manager
Simona Del Monaco
Simona Del Monaco
Financial Officer
Michela Fabbri
Michela Fabbri
Communication Manager
Irid Domnori
Irid Domnori
Accessibility Officer
Daniele Bianchi
Daniele Bianchi
Eleonora Paro
Eleonora Paro
Volounteer of Regional Civilian Service

Board of Directors

  • Ivo Giuseppe Pazzagli - President
  • Maurizio Casadei – Vice president
  • Giovanni Sapucci -  Adviser
  • Arianna Taddei  -  adviser
  • Riccardo Sirri - adviser

Scientific Committee

  • Ivo Giuseppe Pazzagli - anthropologist
  • Luigi Guerra - pedagogist
  • Daniele Bianchi - philosopher
  • Maurizio Casadei - pedagogist
  • Roberto Vignali - pedagogist
  • Debora Natili - psychologist
  • Sara Savoretti - pedagogist
  • Elena Nati  - pedagogist
  • Tania Presepi - psychologist/psychotherapist
  • Giovanni Sapucci - pedagogist
  • Federica Buono - pedagogist
  • Lucia Biondelli - teacher
  • Luisa Alessandri - teacher
  • Bruno Riccio -    Anthropologist
  • Federica Tarabusi -    Anthropologist
  • Giovanna Guerzoni -    Anthropologist
  • Federica Zanetti -    Pedagogist
  • Elena Pacetti -    Pedagogist
  • Arianna Taddei -    Pedagogist
  • Antonella Brighi -    Psychologist
  • Maurizio Betti -     Pedagogist
  • Roberta Caldin -    Pedagogist
  • Roberto Dainese -    Pedagogist
  • Manuela Fabbri -    Pedagogist
  • Ilaria Bellucci -    Pedagogist