5×1000 Together for a fairer world!

What is 5X1000?

This year you can allocate 5X1000 Income Tax to support non-profit organizations. This decision does not entail an additional expense being a tax rate to which the state gives. If you don't make any decision, the state will keep the 5X1000. The 5X1000 thousand does not replace the 8X1000.

How to donate the 5X1000 to EducAid?

1. Fill out the module 730, the CUD or the Unique Model;
2. Sign below the window "Support of non-profit organizations of social utility, of social promotion associations ..."
3. Put Educaid's tax code in the right bracket: 91067680404

And what about those who do not fill out a tax return?

You can allocate 5X1000 even if you do not usually fill out your tax return, or if you are in possession of the CUD model supplied by the employer or by the body paying your pension. Simply fill out the card and present it in a sealed envelope:
1. at the counter of a post office or a bank onward transmission to the tax (the service is free)
2. to an intermediary-enabled electronic data transmission (accountant, CAF, etc.) The latter must issue, although not required, a receipt attesting the commitment to transmit the choices.
On top of the envelope you must write "choice for the target of five per thousand IRPEF" as well as your full name and social security number (codice fiscale).


How your company can help promote EducAid 5X1000:

- Send out the reminder to customers / employees / suppliers (click here to download)
- Expose the memo the company notice board (click here to download)
- Enter a note or a letter in the next payroll
- Send an e-mailed statement to employees and customers
- Add an article in the company newsletter